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 8       9          
10          11        
13    14          15      
    16   17           


1. You can pay with a credit card, a check, or ___.
4. The ___ brought us the restaurant menu.
6. I don't just like tomatoes--I love ___! I could eat ___ all day long.
7. ___ animals are fun and friendly. Old animals just like to sleep.
10. These shoes look good and they are very ___. They feel great on my feet.
13. --Mom, can I ___my shorts and a T-shirt to church? --Of course not. ___ something nice.
15. --How much did you pay for your shoes? --I ___ $40 for them.
16. The young boy helped the ___ lady cross the street.
18. A runner needs to buy a good pair of running ___s.
19. That ___ has pretty waitresses. That's why I like to eat there.


2. A ___ man can help a weak woman.
3. The shoes are on ___. You can buy them for half-price.
5. I'm going to the shoe ___ to buy a new pair of shoes.
8. She ___ a blue dress yesterday, and she's wearing a yellow dress today.
9. A waitress ___s up and walks around on her job. She does not sit down.
11. ___ coffee has no cream or sugar in it.
12. Many people work from nine o'clock to ___ o'clock.
14. I won't be ___ for a while. I'm taking a vacation. I'll see you when I get back.
15. I like to read news___s and magazines.
17. ___ makes the world go around. Do you ___ God? Do you ___ your family?