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2. He ___d his face after shaving to remove all the shaving cream.
4. Kirk Douglas was a famous actor with a dimple in his ___.
5. A woman shaves her legs; a man shaves his ___.
9. When he ___ shaving, he rinsed his face with water.
11. He splashed water all over his face to ___ any shaving cream.
13. ___ your face with a towel after you rinse off the shaving cream.
14. Men and women have an ___ apple; a woman's is smaller and covered with more neck fat.
16. He pulled the razor ___ from the bottom of his neck to his chin.
19. A sharp ___ or a dull ___ can cut you when you shave.
20. He shaved upwards toward his chin, starting from the ___ of his neck.
21. A woman's Adam's ___ is smaller than a man's.
22. He looked in the mirror to make sure he had ___ rinsed off all the shaving cream.


1. He shaved all around his ___, even in the back.
3. He used his ___ to press on the button of the can of shaving cream.
6. Your ___ is part of your lower jaw.
7. He dried his face with a clean ___ after he shaved.
8. He looked in the ___ to make sure there was no blood or shaving cream on his face.
10. If you don't have shaving ___, you can use soap to shave with.
12. Men often grow a moustache on their ___ lip.
15. A boy is changing to a man when he starts to ___.
17. He ___d upwards from his neck to his chin with the razor.
18. Sometimes he accidentally cut his upper or lower ___ while shaving.