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1. Did Kevin tell his ___ about the barking dog? Did the ___ say he would talk to the lady?
5. One day Kevin ___ed at the dog, and the lady ___ed at Kevin.
7. The lady named her dog ___ because she thought he was so sweet.
12. The dog barked in the morning, ___, and evening.
13. The lady got ___ when Kevin yelled at her dog. She was mad.
15. Kevin called Sugar a ___ dog. The lady said Sugar was smart.
16. The dog barked whenever Kevin walked past the front door or the ___ door.
17. The lady's dog ___ed too much. It wouldn't shut up.
18. The dog barked every time Kevin walked past the front ___ or the back ___.
19. Was it a little dog with a big ___?


2. The little dog barked during the day and also at ___.
3. A man didn't own the dog; a ___ owned the dog.
4. The dog barked in the ___ and in the afternoon.
6. It was a ___ dog, but it had a big mouth.
8. Was it a little dog with a ___ mouth?
9. One ___ Kevin yelled at the dog. It was Tues___.
10. The dog barked when Kevin walked by the ___ door or by the back door.
11. The lady's ___ was named Sugar. Sugar barked too much.
13. Every time Kevin or ___ else walked past, the dog barked.
14. Every ___ Kevin walked past the door, the dog barked.
15. The lady said her dog wasn't stupid; she said her dog was ___er than Kevin.