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      6   7          
         9       10   
11              12     
     13         14     
 17    18              


1. The teacher sat down in his ___.
6. The ___ weren't paying attention to the teacher. They were talking to one another.
8. The room was ___ning around. He felt dizzy.
11. He felt like his chair was ___ing in the air, like a balloon.
14. He closed his ___s, but the room kept spinning around.
15. He felt dizzy for a couple of ___s, not just a couple of seconds.
16. He opened the ___ and turned to page 123.
18. ___ feels bad at one time or another. Nobody feels good all the time.
19. He was ___; the room was spinning around and around.


1. The ___ was full of students ready to listen to their teacher.
2. He felt like his chair was floating in the ___. Dust particles float in the ___.
3. He grabbed the desk with both of his ___s.
4. He didn't know what was ___ with him. He didn't feel right.
5. He opened his ___ and took his books out of it. Then he closed it.
7. A ___ cannot teach his students if he feels dizzy.
9. His opened his ___ and wrote a couple of notes in it.
10. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good ___. Good night.
12. He put his briefcase on his ___ and then opened the briefcase.
13. He was writing something in his notebook. ___, he felt dizzy. One second, he was okay; the next second, he wasn't okay.
17. He said ___ evening, but after that he suddenly didn't feel ___.