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1. The ___ limit is 55 mph. Don't drive too fast.
6. You must ___ your temper. Do not get angry and shout at people.
7. I got a speeding ticket. I was going 45 mph, but the speed ___ was 35.
8. The big ___ is very crowded at rush hour. Thousands of cars are going only 10 mph.
10. Did you remember to flush the ___?
12. Did you hear the phone ___? Did you find your wedding ___?
13. A police officer is also called a ___.
14. --Why are you so ___? --I can't find my engagement ring. I won't be happy until I find it.
16. Right now I am your boyfriend, but after we marry I'll be your ___ and you'll be my wife.
17. You'll feel better if you ___ down and get some rest.
18. How can I sleep with the police car ___s and fire engine ___s making all that noise?


2. You ___ me crazy, because you are a terrible ___r. You ___ too fast.
3. Are you ___ at me because I wouldn't give you a ride to the airport? I told you, I was golfing that day.
4. Did you ___ that credit card? It's lying next to your foot.
5. Why won't the toilet ___? I pulled down on the handle, but nothing happened.
9. A hot buttered ___ is delicious with any meal.
10. The Los Angeles ___ and the New York ___ are newspapers.
11. The ___ will set you free. When you testify in court, you must tell the ___.
13. Men usually ___ women, but sometimes women ___ men. Both men and women are happy when they are caught.
15. Everyone and everything that is alive will ___. They will all be dead.