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 1        2          
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 6               7   
10              11     
13    14               
15            16       
       17     18       


3. I need a ___ of fresh air; I'm going to go outside for a few minutes.
6. I'm not kidding you; I'm as ___ as a heart attack.
8. If you're ___, I'll take your plate from the table and bring you dessert.
10. Where are you going, young man? I'm not ___ talking to you yet. Get back here.
12. I ___ that I will love you and stay with you forever and ever.
13. You'd better roll up the windows in the car ___ it starts to rain.
15. It's not polite to ___ or curse or use bad words in any manner.
16. I promise to ___ smoking tomorrow. I'm not kidding. I'm serious.
17. I will smoke one last cigarette before the clock strikes 12; then, starting at ___, I will never smoke again.
19. My ___ is sore from yelling at my children and from smoking cigarettes.


1. ___ morning I woke up at 7; I have to see my doctor ___ afternoon.
2. ___ hot bread smells so delicious!
4. They say that ___ never comes; it's always "today."
5. She has a bad smoker's ___; she ___s all day long. I've heard her ___ing in her sleep.
7. Smokers get lung ___, throat ___, lip ___, and mouth ___.
9. I don't have ___ to eat breakfast, but I do have enough ___ to smoke a fast cigarette.
11. You have lung cancer and you still smoke? Are you ___ me? You can't be serious!
12. A ___ of cigarettes in New York City costs almost $10; that's almost 50 cents a cigarette!
14. Nothing of value is ___; you have to pay for everything, one way or another.
15. I have an open ___ on my leg; clear fluid is dripping out of the open ___.
18. Please do ___ smoke in this restaurant; it's against the law.