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1. Everyone has ___s. Everyone wants solutions to their ___s.
3. If you borrow money, you need to pay it ___.
5. Banks ___ you interest when you borrow money from them.
7. The two brothers are angry with ___ other. ___ of them is angry.
8. If you cannot pay your bills, you have ___ problems. Most poor people have ___ problems.
9. The two brothers are mad at each ___. One brother is mad at the ___ one.
10. Lend me $5, and I will ___ you back tomorrow.
13. I have one ___ and one sister. My ___ is older than me. My sister is younger than me.
15. If you ___ a lot of money to people, they might not pay you back.
16. A bank charges ___ of 5 percent or more when it lends money to people.


1. Ten is 10 ___ of 100. Twenty is 20 ___ of 100. Five is 50 ___ of ten.
2. A. How ___ interest does the bank charge? B. It charges 8 percent.
3. I ___ed $20 from him. I will pay him back tomorrow.
4. The ___ of America is one of America's biggest ___s. It lends money to millions of people.
6. ___ uses Bank of America because its branches and ATMs are everywhere. No one likes banks that are too small.
10. My ___s give me money. They don't lend me money. They love me.
11. She lent $100 to her best ___. She didn't charge interest to her best ___.
12. His parents have five children. He is the oldest child. He has two brothers and two ___s.
14. The two brothers don't ___ to each other because they are angry about money.