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       9       10     
12      13       14   15       
  17        18         


2. At night he ___ed about playing baseball for the Yankees.
5. He practiced ___ting the baseball with his baseball bat.
6. He was in a bad car ___. He couldn't walk after the ___.
9. He played on his ___ school baseball team and his college baseball team.
11. He slept with his baseball ___ under his pillow.
12. He practiced baseball almost ___ day.
14. He played on his high ___ baseball team.
19. He loved baseball more than football or ___.
20. ___ was his favorite sport, and the Yankees were his favorite ___ team.


1. He ___d baseball almost every day. He ___d hitting, throwing, and catching.
2. The ___s in the hospital said he would never walk again.
3. At ___ he dreamed about baseball. At ___ he slept with his baseball glove under his pillow.
4. He loved baseball more than basketball or ___.
7. He practiced baseball almost every ___.
8. He practiced ___ing the baseball to his teammates.
10. At night he slept with his glove under his ___. His head was on his ___.
13. The New York ___ were his favorite baseball team.
15. He played on his high school baseball team and his ___ baseball team.
16. He practiced ___ing the baseball to the catcher behind home plate.
17. He practiced ___ing the baseball when his teammates threw it to him or when the batter hit it.
18. He was a passenger in a ___. He was injured in a ___ accident.