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1. The ___ was rude, but the waitress was polite.
4. I own a popular Mexican ___; we serve lunch and dinner 7 days a week.
5. If a horse ___s you, the ___ might break one of your bones.
7. "The ___ is always right" is a popular saying among business people.
10. --How have you stayed ___ for so long? --It's simple. We love each other.
13. He lived in a big old blue ___ up on the hill, but it burned down last year.
15. A yellow ___ bus takes children to and from ___.
16. ___ will stop me from learning English. I will learn English!
17. I was feeling sick, but I feel ___ now. (Good, ___, best.)


1. ___ hard now, and you will succeed. (You can play later.)
2. Don't get ___ at yourself for failing. Just keep trying.
3. A plumber knows how to ___ your toilet.
6. A ___ knows how to fix your car.
8. Sometimes we say ___ we shouldn't say, and do ___ we shouldn't do.
9. Can you give me two dimes and a nickel for this ___?
10. That was a good restaurant ___; it was tasty and cheap.
11. Why did you turn left? I told you to turn ___.
12. The cop locked the prisoner in the ___ cell.
14. Don't cut in line; that's not ___. Only rude people cut in line.