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1. The man won $51 million in the ___; he had played it for years.
2. I don't ___ my old neighborhood at all; I love my new neighborhood.
7. I'll give you a $10 ___ for two $5 ___s.
8. You can save money while shopping if you use ___s from the newspaper.
9. Please ___ a seat; I'll be right with you.
10. Why are you driving so slow? You're going ___ 45 mph on this empty freeway.
15. I can't visit you this morning, but I can this ___.
17. The ___ ran up the tree a peanut in its mouth.
18. She hit the ___ at the casino; she won $1 million.


1. I had a big breakfast; I think I'll skip ___ today.
2. A ___aire has ___s of dollars.
3. I feel ___; maybe it was something I ate.
4. You can't go on that ride unless you buy a ___ at the booth outside.
5. I feel ___, so I'm going to buy a lottery ticket.
6. If you get your money's ___, you are satisfied.
11. Whiskey, gin, and rum are examples of ___. (Don't drink and drive!)
12. We don't accept credit cards or checks--we accept ___ only.
13. Some players were on the field, and some were sitting on the ___.
14. The ___ gave his secretary the day off.
16. There are two little ___s missing from this puzzle.