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16         17        


2. When there is a ___ shortage, you can't ___ your lawn or wash your car.
3. "___ one, teach one" is a popular saying. We learn from ___ other.
6. A person who has had a ___ life was born a ___ time ago.
7. The room went ___ when the lights went out.
8. Some people use a garden ___ to water their lawn.
9. We're all ___, but we're all the same. (How can that be?)
11. A ___ is slow-flying insect with big colorful wings.
15. A farmer tests the ___ to see which plants he can grow in the ___.
16. A ___ visits flowers and then flies back to its hive. (Don't let it sting you!)
17. If you fail the first time, don't give up. Try ___. And ___.
18. Put some water in the ___ and bring it to a boil. Then add pasta.


1. You can't take a bath or a shower without getting ___. Afterward, you dry off with a towel.
2. I will watch TV ___ you are cooking dinner.
4. "Children, come play ___ now," Mom told the kids, who were playing in the yard. "It's going to rain in a minute."
5. The ___ of the car was damaged, but the back of the car was okay.
10. The little puppy made a little wet ___ on the kitchen floor.
12. ___ evening is the beginning of the weekend for many people.
13. If you start to slip while climbing, ___ on to this rope.
14. Once you ___ a seed, you have to water the ___ as it grows.
15. Would you rather eat a ___-boiled egg or a hard-boiled egg?