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   12     13    14         
17         18          


2. ___ is a popular color for T-shirts and underwear.
3. Some clothes will ___ in hot water; they will become smaller.
4. The opposite of white is ___.
9. A. Thank you. B. No problem. It was a ___ to help you.
10. Did you put your dirty ___ in the laundry basket?
11. Is the ___ basket full of dirty clothes?
13. I'll take a ___ after I wash the ___ of my clothes.
15. It was too cold to wear a dress, so she wore a pair of ___.
16. Hot water and hot air will ___ most germs.
17. Did you take the wet clothes out of the washer and put them into the ___?
18. You should wash your hands frequently to kill all the ___.


1. After the dryer ___ed, he took out all the dry clothes.
2. He read the newspaper ___ he waited for the dryer to finish.
5. Will your clothes be ___ if you don't put soap in the washer?
6. She spilled some coffee on her ___, but not on her slacks or shoes.
7. If you are on the first floor, the second floor is ___. If you are on the second floor, the first floor is downstairs.
8. Women ___ when they are frightened or angry; men yell when they are frightened or angry.
12. What's the ___ with you? What is your problem?
14. Her big, pretty ___ turned into a frown.