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     1     2      3     
        5        6   
7    8               
9      10       11        
       13    14        
    15    16         17    
19            20       


2. Does Daylight ___ Time begin in March?
5. Most states get an extra hour of daylight from ___ to November.
7. Without a ___, your watch and your car would not run.
11. Push the "8" ___ if you want to take the elevator to the 8th floor.
12. The ___ on the wall says that it's 12:30.
13. Do bad things ___ to good people? Do good things ___ to bad people?
15. The bus was five ___s late.
18. She ___ed when she saw the mouse on the kitchen floor.
19. He set the electronic ___ to ring in 35 minutes.
20. Did his ___ say she wanted a divorce?
21. You can do it the right way, or you can do it the ___ way.


1. Sometimes it's hard to ___ out the solution to a problem.
3. In the bedroom, a lamp is usually on the ___ next to the bed.
4. If you don't succeed at first, ___ harder. Always keep ___ing to succeed, and you will succeed.
6. You have to ___ the time on your clocks in March and November.
8. Do you have to change your clocks ___ a year, or just once?
9. ___ Saving Time starts in March and ends in November.
10. Set your clocks back one hour in the month of ___.
14. ___ing a button is the same as pushing a button.
16. Some people ___ change their clocks. It's always too much trouble for them.
17. Do you ___ to do new things? Do you love to do the same things over and over?