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14         15          
18    19               


5. The questionnaire was a pleasant ___ because it had only a few questions to answer. He was pleasantly ___d.
6. Do you want my home ___ number or my cell ___ number?
8. Most people are one ___ or the other--male, or female.
10. He ___ his head to mean "no." He nodded his head to mean "yes."
11. Many questionnaires have little ___es. Put an "X" or a check mark inside each ___.
14. You have to ___ the newspaper to read it. Don't cross your arms across your chest--___ them.
15. Do you own or ___ your home? If you ___, how much is your monthly ___?
16. Is he Latino or ___, African-American, or Asian?
17. The questionnaire was folded inside a large ___. He opened the ___.
18. There were at least 300 million ___ living in the U.S. in 2010.
20. ___ tell you what to do. Sometimes ___ are hard to understand, and sometimes they're easy to understand.


1. The U.S. census ___ is mailed out every 10 years. It has only a few questions.
2. Is your date of ___ the same as your ___day?
3. He lives in a one-bedroom ___ on the fourth floor of the building.
4. The U.S. ___ occurs every 10 years. The ___ counts everyone who lives in the U.S.
7. There weren't many questions to answer; there were ___ a few.
9. ___ long has he lived in his apartment?
12. The mailman put a questionnaire into the ___ for each apartment.
13. He ___ in the boxes for his date of birth and his phone number.
15. What is your ___--are you Hispanic, Asian, African-American, or white?
19. Do you ___ your ___ home, or do you rent an apartment?