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2. The baby cried for almost an hour; ___, she stopped crying.
3. The baby's crying; maybe you should change her ___.
5. The little girl looked more like her ___ than her dad.
7. Who can you call to ___ your child while you go to the movie?
8. The ___ing baby annoyed him. He wanted her to shut up.
9. An ___ child has no brothers or sisters.
10. A baby that isn't hungy is usually ___; she doesn't cry or make noise.
12. I think the baby is hungry; I'm going to ___ it.
14. Some parents don't know how to raise a ___. They shouldn't have ___ren.
16. He didn't have a ___, so he stayed home every day to take care of Sarah.
17. He ___-___ed the baby to make her stop crying.
18. Some babies cry a ___; some babies don't cry at all.
19. They invited all their friends and family to their big ___. It was the first marriage for both of them.


1. It was his job to take ___ of the baby.
4. The baby was quiet; she wasn't crying ___.
6. They were going to get ___; they wanted to have a big wedding.
11. Did he ___ the baby against the sofa like she was a football?
13. Sarah's ___ took care of her while her mom worked at a hotel.
15. Sarah's mom vacuumed the carpets and made the beds at a big ___.
17. Her dad didn't work, so he stayed ___ every day.