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1. Do many stores have big ___ windows and doors?
5. A. Did he think it was a good pot? B. Yes, that's what he ___.
6. He thought it was a ___ pot and a ___-looking pot.
10. The pot's glass ___ helped food cook faster.
11. Vegetables are sold fresh, frozen, or in ___s.
13. The pot wobbled; it ___ did not have a flat bottom.
14. Did the pot ___ only $13?
15. A cheap pot is ___; an expensive pot is heavy.
17. The handle of a cheap pot is often hollow. An expensive pot has a ___ handle.
18. A pot with a ___ bottom will not wobble.
19. He ___ed a can of soup into the pot.


2. He put the pot on the ___ and turned on the burner.
3. Was the pot made of copper, aluminum, or ___ steel?
4. A cook uses different ___s and pans in the kitchen.
7. He took the milk out of the refrigerator. Then he put it ___ into the refrigerator.
8. The pot had a slightly round bottom, so it ___d on the countertop.
9. A stove usually has four ___s for cooking food in pots and pans.
12. Many forks, spoons, knives, and pots are made from stainless ___.
14. A ___ pot doesn't last as long as an expensive pot.
16. Glass and steel are ___; aluminum is light.
17. He poured a can of chicken ___ into the stainless steel pot.