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      15     16        


2. Did he remove the ___-___ label from the pot?
6. The soup was ___, so he took the pot of soup off the burner.
7. His ___ told him to take the pot back to the store.
9. She said it was a ___ pot; it wasn't made properly.
11. He thought that the pot made ___ soup; it tasted so good.
13. "___ this cheap pot back to the store," his wife said.
14. She didn't like the pot; she thought it was cheap ___.
15. You can watch your food cooking through the ___ cover.
17. The ___-on label had the price on it.
18. Mmm! The hot chicken ___ tastes so good!
19. His wife told him to ___ the pot to the store.
20. The pot was easy to ___ with a little dishwashing soap and water.


1. The glass ___ helps the food cook faster.
2. The clerk in the ___ asked him some questions.
3. The store ___ asked him where the stick-on label was.
4. If the pot wobbles, soup might ___ out of it.
5. Many small items have stick-on ___s with a price on them.
8. A pot with a slightly round bottom will ___.
10. A pot won't sit or cook ___ if it doesn't have a flat bottom.
12. She picked up the pot and ___d it very closely.
16. Do most ___s have four burners on the top for cooking?