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   3     4            
5          6          
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  9          10        
      12      13        
 15               16    
         17     18      


3. If you study hard, you will usually ___ your test.
7. Do you send or receive many ___s online every day?
8. A government agent works for a government ___.
10. A test ___ of 100 is much better than a test ___ of 65.
11. A multiple ___ test is easy--just pick A, B, C, D, or E.
13. He ___ up the agency to talk about his score.
15. The ___ from the testing agency congratulated him.
18. A. What does a passing score ___? B. It ___s that you can apply for a teaching job.
19. Many people prefer a ___ choice test to a writing test. It's easier to choose than to write.
20. The representative said, "___s on your perfect score!"


1. Did many people score 300, or did ___ a few people score 300?
2. The state ___s exam is a test that you must pass if you want to teach.
4. New York ___ and most other ___s have ___ teachers exams.
5. One hundred percent is a ___ score. You can't do better than that.
6. The state education ___ doesn't collect that information.
9. Many ___ take the test every year, but only about 70% pass it the first time.
10. If everyone scores 100% on a test, then a score of 100% is not ___--it is just an average score.
12. Did you pass your ___ or flunk it?
14. The exam has two parts--a multiple choice test and a ___ test. Good writers have no problem with the ___ test.
16. He took the state teachers ___ a month ago. They emailed his score to him yesterday.
17. Did he pass or ___ the exam? If he ___ed, he would have to take it again.