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 15         16   17        


2. The poor couple had lost all their ___. They had no more money.
3. Did they live in a small ___ in a poor neighborhood?
5. It was just a 30-second TV ___ advertising a product.
8. Those are ___ people; they aren't TV actors.
11. Were they living on their ___ security monthly checks?
12. They live in the richest ___ in the world--the U.S.A.
13. They shouldn't have gotten ___; it's their fault that they're not healthy.
16. Don't ___ the government for your problems--___ yourself.
18. They should have ___ned ahead; they didn't think about their future.
19. The federal ___ is not your mommy; you must take care of yourself.


1. Some ___ singers play ___ songs for old ___s for free.
2. People worry that they won't be able to collect social ___ when they become old folks.
4. The old couple had been ___ for a long time. They still loved each other.
6. Don't believe everything you hear on the radio or see on the ___.
7. It's their ___ they don't have any money; they didn't plan ahead.
9. The government is not your ___ or your daddy; you must take care of yourself.
10. Those folks aren't TV ___s; they're real people.
13. They're ___ing because they're sick and they have little money.
14. People are ___y when they exercise regularly, eat right, and get enough sleep.
15. How does our government ___ this to happen in the greatest country in the world?
17. He has no right hand; she has no ___ foot.