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3. Did the clerk give him a paper ___ with fresh cookies in it?
4. He put a few quarters into the glass tip ___.
7. The woman ___ed, but he didn't see anything funny.
8. She wanted something ___ to eat, like candy or cookies.
9. She waited for him ___ while he was inside the store.
10. He usually gave a 20 percent ___ at restaurants and other places.
11. He ___ed his question because she didn't hear him the first time.
13. His ___ was hungry; she wanted to eat "right now"!
14. He looked at the ___ list on the wall; each cookie was a dollar.
15. The cookie ___ sold about 30 different kinds of fresh, delicious cookies.
17. He wanted to talk to the store ___ about the clerk.
18. The ___ laughed when he asked her for his change.


1. A penny ___d is a penny earned.
2. Does the ___ store sell chocolate chip ___s?
3. He couldn't ___ that a cookie cost a whole dollar.
5. He looked at the big price ___ on the wall and shook his head.
6. They ___ped outside the store. She said, "Let's go in and buy some cookies."
8. She stood outside on the ___ while he paid $6 for the cookies inside the store.
12. The cookies were one dollar ___.
14. The price was $5.99. He gave the clerk $6, and waited to get one ___ back.
16. He ___ed three raisin cookies and three peanut butter cookies.