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      15   16          


2. Did he need to buy a ___ to put on the postcard?
6. The first 5,000 applicants would ___ an application form.
8. He saw an advertisement in the daily ___.
9. The newspaper ___ was for a new apartment building.
10. The post office sold ___ cards, but not postcards.
12. It was his ___y day. He couldn't believe his good ___.
13. Applicants had to send in a ___ with their name and address on it.
14. The apartments were for low-___ people, not for the rich.
15. ___ is next to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx.
18. He hoped he would receive an application ___ in the mail.
19. The monthly ___ would be reduced for low-income people.


1. Did the post office sell greeting ___s or post___s?
3. The main post office was at 33rd Street and 8th ___.
4. The post office ___ sold him a postcard stamp.
5. He needed to ___ in the postcard by that afternoon.
7. Only the first 5,000 ___s would receive an application form.
9. The first 5,000 applicants would receive an ___ form in the mail.
11. The new apartment ___ had set aside some apartments for low-income renters.
16. The building wasn't open yet; it was ___ to open shortly.
17. Did he ___ the ad out of the newspaper and put it in his pocket?