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 1    2    3     4     5     
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8     9            10   
 14          15       
   17        18       


2. Were there any holes or ___s in the jacket? Was it ___ped anywhere?
4. He pulled down on the jacket ___, but he couldn't unzip the jacket.
6. The jacket kept him nice and ___ in the chilly weather.
7. The cashier was going to put the jacket into a plastic ___.
8. The jacket was perfect for the chilly ___.
11. He told the ___ not to put the jacket into a plastic bag.
13. He looked at his ___ in the store window.
14. The jacket didn't have any wine or coffee ___s on it.
15. What a super ___, he thought, when she said the jacket was only $2.
17. He tried to ___ the jacket by pulling down on the zipper.
18. He didn't ___ a plastic bag; he ___ed to put on the jacket immediately.
19. He couldn't find even one little round ___ in the jacket.


1. He couldn't ___ it. What a great deal!
3. The jacket was just ___ for the chilly weather.
5. Was the cashier going to put the jacket into a ___ bag?
9. The ___ outside was only 67 degrees.
10. The cashier ___bed a plastic bag to put the jacket into.
11. He asked the cashier for a price ___.
12. Outside on the sidewalk, he looked at his reflection in the store ___s.
16. The jacket ___ him well; it wasn't too big or too small.