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       17      18      


5. Did he pour red ___ into each ___ glass?
7. Did they have vanilla ___ cream for dessert?
8. His ___ said that she was very tired.
9. You forgot to take the towels off the ___ cushions.
12. There was a ___ stain on one of the dark blue towels.
13. Do you prefer chocolate or ___ ice cream?
14. "Look," his wife said. She ___ed at the white stain on the towel.
16. A ___ is a delicious fruit with a big, hard seed in the middle.
17. She was very ___ because she had been preparing dinner all day.
19. "___!" they all said to one another as they raised their glasses of red wine.


1. "Oh, now I ___," he said. He understood why they didn't sit on the sofa.
2. "We're just ___ where we are," said his boss. He and his wife didn't want to move.
3. After dinner, they had fruit and ice cream for ___.
4. He peeled the skin off the mango and ___d it with a knife.
6. They brought the ___ from the kitchen out to the dining room.
8. They cleared the table and ___ed the dishes.
10. There was a big, white ___ on the dark blue towel.
11. After their dinner guests had left, they ___ed the table and washed the dishes.
14. He ___ed wine into each wine glass.
15. They put the food on the dining ___.
18. Were the towels ___ blue or light blue?