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1. Is a "drop in the ___" a very small amount?
3. He asked her ___ she could say that.
6. Turtles and ___ don't like swimming in oily water.
7. Water and oil are ___, because they are part of Mother Nature.
9. Will all the ___s become oily all over the world?
11. People who ___ in oily water have to take a shower afterwards.
12. People and animals can ___ to many things, but some things will kill them.
13. Was there an oil disaster in the ___ of Mexico?
14. Gulls and pelicans are ___s that fly and live near the ocean.
17. Many seabirds and turtles are ___ or dying.
19. Dead seabirds were ___ on the beaches.
20. She didn't think the oil spill was a big ___.


2. Do a cat and a dog get along with ___ other?
4. Nobody would drink a pint of oil. Would anybody drink an ___ of oil?
5. The gulf ___ was on the TV news every day for months.
8. Would you swim in ___ water?
10. Of ___ I wouldn't swim in water that has oil in it!
15. The disaster is harming ___s that live in the water and on the land.
16. Is it safe to ___ water that contains oil?
17. Will all the fish and other sea animals ___ because of the oil in the water?
18. A ___ in the bucket is a very small amount.