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 9     10             
       11     12       
  13    14            15   
     16         17     


1. Did she sit there ___ly without saying anything?
4. Did the man ___ his finger down his throat?
5. She wiped herself off with a clean ___.
6. Visitors made ___ at her to make her laugh.
8. She wiped ___ off with a towel.
9. The man stuck his finger down his throat and then ___ up on her.
14. A security ___ stood near her to protect her.
18. The ___ guard didn't protect her from the man.
19. Why did the man stick his finger down his ___?
20. Visitors ___d their hands at her like they were saying "Hello" or "Goodbye."
21. She was a ___ artist; she sat silently in a museum for five days.


1. Some people ___d at her without blinking their eyes.
2. She just sat ___ for six hours a day.
3. Was there a big round ___ on the floor?
7. There are all kinds of performance ___ and performance ___ists.
10. Could visitors walk up to the ___ of the circle?
11. Did police ___ the man for throwing up on her?
12. Was her performance in a ___ of modern art?
13. Many ___s to the museum stood there and watched her sit silently.
15. The visitors stood only a few feet ___ from her.
16. There was a circle on the ___; visitors could not go inside the circle.
17. Just five minutes before her ___ hour was up on her ___ day, a man threw up on her.