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1. Was she pregnant with her first or her ___ child?
4. Did the doctors have to ___ her arms and legs?
5. She got ___ because of an infection that made her body attack itself.
7. Their first child was a little ___ named Pauline.
10. The little girl was happy and ___ about getting a new baby brother.
11. She was going to help ___ her new brother in the bathtub.
12. She was ___ again; she was going to have another baby.
15. ___ had to act fast to save her life; they amputated her arms and legs.
17. She was so ___ to be alive. She thanked the doctors over and over.
20. The little girl was going to teach her new brother how to talk and ___.
21. They already had a little girl; now they were going to have a little ___.
22. She was going to help ___ her brother in his new clothes.


2. Pauline was the married couple's 4-year-old ___. They didn't have a son yet.
3. Pauline was excited about getting a new baby ___. She said a new baby sister would be nice, too.
6. An ___ caused her to be sick. Her body started attacking itself.
8. She gave birth to a ___ baby boy, but then she became un___ herself.
9. Did the doctors have to ___ fast in order to save her life?
13. She was so grateful and happy just to be ___. The infection hadn't killed her.
14. Her body started ___ing itself. The only defense was to amputate.
16. Was the little girl excited about getting a new ___ brother?
18. She was going to help ___ her new brother his meals.
19. The doctors saved her ___, but they had to cut off her arms and legs.