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4. Did her slacks ___ to a smaller size when he washed them in hot water?
6. Water contains no ___s; sugar contains many ___s. ___s can make you fat.
7. On hot days she wore shorts; on cold days she wore ___.
8. Lettuce, corn, and beans are ___s. They are not fruits.
10. Pants have zippers; shirts have ___s.
11. I''ve gained 15 pounds! I'm going on a ___. I need to eat less.
12. She weighs 150 pounds today, but a year ___ she weighed only 125 pounds.
14. A. Does a vegetarian eat ___? B. No, but he eats fish.
16. The more you weigh, the more I ___ you, my darling wife.
18. The button and the button hole were far apart; they weren't ___ to each other.
19. A diet doesn't have to ___; it can be painless.
20. Apples, oranges, and bananas are ___s; they aren't vegetables.


1. Brown ___ and white ___ are popular. Potatoes and pasta are also popular.
2. Was she able to put the button into the button ___?
3. He told her to eat 10 ___ less food, and she would lose 10 ___ of her extra weight.
5. Does a ___ always love his wife if she puts on extra weight?
9. If you eat ___ helpings of food, you will put on ___ weight.
10. If you want to eat less rice, serve the rice in a smaller ___. (And don't refill the ___!)
13. If you eat ___, you will lose more weight.
15. My rice bowl is ___, but I don't feel full. I want to have another bowl of rice.
17. She ___ed as she tried to button the top button of her slacks. Her husband heard her ___.