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15       16            
 17       18        19     


2. He rinsed his ___ after shaving.
6. Someone had slipped a piece of ___ under the door.
7. Did he notice that someone had ___ped a piece of paper under his door?
9. A man ___s his face with a razor; a woman ___s her legs.
10. Bed___s are all over NYC; they are little insects that suck your blood.
12. An apartment usually has a front ___, a bedroom ___, and a bathroom ___.
13. Exterminators ___ for bugs. The ___ smells bad, but it usually kills the bugs.
15. A. Is it ___ if we spray your apartment today? B. Yes, it's ___.
16. The piece of paper was a ___ from the manager about spraying his apartment.
17. A master ___ will unlock most doors in a building.
18. A person in a hurry doesn't have much ___. He doesn't have time to wait.
20. ___ slipped this notice under my door. I don't know who did it.
21. ___ your face. You still have shaving cream on it.


1. Does a ___ key unlock most doors in an apartment building?
3. Did he live in an ___ on the tenth floor of the ___ building?
4. The apartment building ___ was in charge of taking care of the building.
5. He ___ed loudly at the person on the other side of the door.
8. He picked up the phone ___ly when it rang. He didn't wait for the second ring.
11. Did someone knock on his ___ door?
14. A ___ of paper was on the floor of his apartment.
17. The doorbell didn't work, so he ___ed on the front door.
19. A steel or brass ___ on a front door provides extra security for an apartment.