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16      17      18          


4. You'll get your change with your ___. Your picture will be on the ___.
7. BK says it will not ___ identity theft. "We won't permit it," said an executive.
8. BK in Brazil takes your ___ and puts it on the wrapper.
10. McDonald's will put your picture on the paper ___ you use to wipe your face.
12. A McDonald's ___ said that BK doesn't think big enough.
13. Does ___ King in Brazil sell ham___s and cheese___s?
14. Does a picture add a personal ___ to the service at BK in Brazil?
15. A ___ will not be able to steal your identity.
16. The pictures on the wrappers ___ more customers.
18. A free picture adds a ___ touch and attracts more customers.
19. ___ thieves will try to steal your ___ by using the pictures to commit fraud.


1. If you try to deceive someone, you might be committing ___.
2. Some customers have ___ed that the pictures will allow identity thieves to commit fraud.
3. The free pictures are attracting more ___s.
5. Thieves might ___ fraud by using the pictures to deceive others.
6. BK in Brazil puts your picture on the paper ___ that goes around your burger.
9. Everyone likes to be called by their first ___.
11. ___ is a huge country in South America. Its citizens speak Portuguese.
12. There is no ___ charge for the picture--it's free.
15. Identity ___ is a popular crime in many countries.
17. The pictures ___ a personal touch to BK's service.