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   15        16        


2. It's terrible when people don't ___ anything you say.
4. The 12 members of the ___ decided that he was guilty of murder.
5. He said the ___ ($10 million) was nice, but freedom was better.
9. He was ___ed of murder, even though he was actually innocent.
10. You can't ___ money to freedom--freedom is far more valuable than money.
13. Did the cop ___ in court that Alan had murdered the woman?
14. The happiest day of his life was the day he ___ out of jail.
15. No one ___s convicts or liars, but everyone ___s cops.
16. He hadn't murdered that woman. In fact, he hadn't murdered ___, but no one believed him.
18. The city gave him an award of ten ___ dollars. He was now a ___aire.
19. First Alan went to jail, but much ___ the cop went to jail.


1. Money is nice, but nothing compares to the ___ of being out of jail.
3. He was actually ___, but the jury decided he was guilty.
4. He got out of ___ after 20 years. The cop who murdered the woman finally went to ___.
6. He was ___ed up in jail for something he didn't do.
7. The ___ lied, but a policeman should never lie.
8. ___ trusts and believes cops, but no one trusts liars.
11. Who ___ed the dead woman? Did Alan kill her or did the policeman kill her?
12. ___ is more important than being free.
13. The cop was a ___ person. How can people be so horrible?
17. The city ___ed him $20 million because of the terrible mistake the jury had made.