Dictionary 186. A Book Full of Typos

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How did they ever publish this book? Did they read it before they published it? Did they ever hear of Spell Check? He couldn't believe that they charged $70 for the book. He had circled all the errors with a red pen. So he couldn't return the book. He called the publisher. Cheryl answered. He complained to Cheryl. "You're the first person to complain," Cheryl said. He couldn't believe it. He asked how many people had returned the book. She paused to check her records. She said nobody had returned it. He couldn't believe it. He asked how many people had bought the book. She said 1,234 people had bought it. "And I'm the only one to complain?" he asked. She said yes. "I circled 215 misspellings in the book," he said, "and there are only 200 pages." "Do you think that might be some kind of record?" asked Cheryl.

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