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6      7       8   


4. She is a good ___. She never speeds. She never gets a ticket.
7. He lives ___ the library. The library is a short walk from his home.
9. She goes to ___ every morning. She listens to her teachers in class.
10. There are 7 days in a ___. There are 52 ___s in a year.


1. I wake up in the ___. I go to sleep in the evening.
2. My grandma takes a short nap every ___. I eat lunch in the ___.
3. Some parents have one ___. Some have two or more ___s. Children are ___s.
5. She ___s her car to work every day. Her friends ride with her.
6. The M34 ___ runs on 34th Street. Passengers get on and off the M34 ___.
8. The city bus ___s up the passengers and drops them off.