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3. She talks to the ___ of the company. He answers her questions.
4. There are 4 weeks in a ___. There are 12 ___s in a year.
5. I ask my teacher many ___s in class. She answers my ___s.
6. A big ___ or corporation always has a representative. The representative answers questions.
8. Voters ___ the President's speech. They support him.
10. ___ and happiness are more important than money.


1. People pay a ___ every month for their insurance coverage. A ___ is a bill.
2. Health ___ and car ___ are important. ___ helps pay medical and accident bills.
7. Everyone has ___s in life. Everyone seeks solutions to their ___s.
9. She makes $3,000 a month. She makes $36,000 a ___.