Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type your answer in the box. (If you need help, click on "Hint.") Click on "Enter." Click on "Check" to check your answer.

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1. I think a lot. I have many ___s.
4. Please ___ the TV channel.
5. She ___es the shopping cart around the store.
8. I change my ___ often. My opinion changes.
9. A battery has a positive terminal and a ___ terminal.
10. Lightning travels ___. Snails travel slowly.


2. The world is full of ___ people and un___ people.
3. He ___s happy all the time. He rarely ___s sad.
4. There are many ___s on cable TV.
6. He ___s the TV volume with the buttons on his remote.
7. She ___s for 8 hours every night.