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1. A marathon is a foot ___. The fastest runner wins.
2. ___ up. ___ down. ___ on the brake. Stairs are ___s.
3. He walks up five flights of ___.
5. The ___ State Building is on 34th Street in Manhattan. New York is the ___ State.
6. Math problems are ___ for me. They are easy for you.
8. My rent goes up ___ly. Every year my rent goes up.
9. Runners are healthy. They are in good ___. They are in good shape.


1. ___s run. Walkers walk. Joggers jog.
2. There are 50 ___s in the United ___s. Hawaii is the 50th ___.
4. Running downhill and ___ is harder than running on a level surface.
7. A ___ travels on railroad tracks.