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1. A woman wears a wedding ___ to her wedding.
3. He ___s his wife. She ___s her husband.
5. The ___ is in the church. The reception follows at the hotel. The honeymoon is in Hawaii.
9. She mails wedding ___s to her friends and family. She invites them to her wedding.
10. The wedding ___ is October 8, 2011.


1. They love each other, so they ___ to marry. That is their decision.
2. Bob is my ___. I am Bob's girlfriend.
4. ___ me an email. I ___ emails to people every day.
6. She is ___ about her wedding next week. She talks about it every day.
7. He has seven brothers and three sisters. He has a large ___.
8. Two people in love ___ each other.