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1. Students have classmates. Workers have ___s.
5. He kneels on the floor. He ___s on the chair.
8. She ___s in the frigid air. Her body vibrates.
10. He ___s a heavy jacket outside.
11. The ___ heat makes everyone hot. The winter cold makes everyone cold.
13. She ___s her job. It is hard work with little pay.
14. The driver ___s the red light and has an accident.


2. Construction workers work ___ even in freezing weather.
3. Many people work in an ___ building.
4. There are four ___s around the table.
6. Water ___s at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
7. The ___ is cruel to the workers.
9. The workers ___ that the office is too cold.
12. He wears a light ___ in the fall. He wears a heavy ___ in the winter.