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    13        14    


1. This cake is so ___! I want to eat the whole cake!
5. He puts ham, lettuce, and a slice of ___ on his sandwich.
6. The salad is in a wooden ___. The soup is in a porcelain ___.
7. She ___s the water into the glass.
9. He likes Italian ___ on his salad. She likes French ___.
12. He ___s his umbrella and walks outside.
15. The ___ and freezer keep your perishable food fresh.


2. He chops the head of ___ into small, green pieces.
3. He ___s the wood for the fireplace.
4. She pours Blue Cheese dressing on top of her ___.
8. ___s are red, yellow, white, or green vegetables. They have a strong taste.
10. She puts the tomato ___ on the ___ of bread.
11. ___ onions are long and skinny. White ___s look like a baseball.
13. He ___es the salad with his hands.
14. The ___ of the building is almost in the clouds.