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1. She brushes her teeth in the ___.
4. He ___s her $500 for her computer. She accepts his ___.
5. He accidentally bites his ___ while eating.
7. She ___s her food thoroughly before swallowing.
8. He puts a stick of ___ into his mouth. He chews it.
11. She ___s the award from her boss.
13. We see and walk by ___s every day. We say nothing to them.


1. Coke and Pepsi come in a can or a ___.
2. She rinses her mouth out with ___.
3. She ___es her hair with a hair___.
6. He tilts his head back and ___s the salt water.
9. Little boys ___ their knees when they fall down.
10. She ___s the soap off her hands.
12. He has a cavity in his wisdom ___.