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1. D.C. = ___ of Columbia. DA = ___ Attorney.
4. The bus is ___. Passengers at the bus stop wait for the next bus.
5. The Empire State ___ is on 34th Street in Manhattan.
9. The speaker uses a ___ to talk to the audience.
11. She tells a funny ___. Everyone laughs.
12. Swimmers ___ swimming. Tourists ___ New York City. Everyone ___s eating.
14. The ___s sit or stand on the crowded bus.


1. A baseball batter hits a single. The next batter hits a ___.
2. Mommy ___s her young child a story every night.
3. She takes English, math, and U.S. ___ in middle school.
6. A ___ dog, or seeing-eye dog, helps blind people find their way.
7. It is impolite to ___ at people with your index finger.
8. Tourists ride double-___ buses in Manhattan every day.
10. "I'm not a ___--I'm a native. I LIVE here!"
13. Kids play with spinning ___s. They pull the string and spin the ___.