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2. A ___ is at the front of a train. A caboose is at the back of a train.
5. A lifeguard ___s swimmers in trouble.
8. ___s are problems. Double ___ is twice as many problems.
10. High ___s result in traffic accidents. Low ___s are safer.
13. ___s commit crimes, such as robbery and fraud.
14. His watch is 5 minutes ___. It's 6:01, but his watch says 6:06.
15. Some birds fly ___ the air with little effort.


1. Pluto is no longer a ___. Only eight ___s circle the sun.
3. Her ___ is 20/20. She has good eyesight.
4. A ___ sandwich is a long roll. It contains meat, cheese, and vegetables.
6. ___ is faster than a speeding bullet. He is more powerful than a locomotive.
7. A ___ is a tiny insect with wings. It carries germs. It likes to eat garbage.
9. A ___ comes out of a gun. A ___ kills people.
10. The battery icon shows 4 squares. That's good. The battery is ___.
11. There is too much pollution in the ___ and the water.
12. He ___s the child up. The child drinks out of the water fountain.
13. She ___es the softball and throws it to the shortstop.