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1. People at the bus stop ___ for the bus.
4. Manhattan has many tall ___s. Every block has ___s.
7. She puts her wallet into her ___.
9. He walks down the steps to the subway ___.
11. Once a year, runners race up the ___ of the Empire State Building.
13. People ___, jog, run, and bike around Central Park.
14. The Q and R ___s take subway passengers from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
15. His clothes look sharp. He ___es well.
16. Her flight ___s at 8 p.m. It arrives in Miami at 11 p.m.


2. He lives in a one-bedroom ___ in a huge ___ building.
3. New York City public transportation includes the bus and ___ systems.
5. She ___s the child with both hands.
6. The Hudson River is ___ of the East River.
7. The man falls off the subway ___. He lands on the subway tracks.
8. The attic is upstairs. The basement is ___.
10. Fifty-fourth Street is 20 ___s north of 34th Street.
12. She ___s home at 5:30 every evening.