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3. Police cars have ___s so you can hear them.
4. Drivers should ___ slower cars carefully.
5. You ___ your hand at someone to say hello or goodbye.
7. Some ___s on the road are faster than police ___s.
8. The ___ will give you a ticket for speeding.
10. If you get a ___ for speeding, it will cost you money.
11. Do you drive ___ or slow most of the time?


1. The ___ and the passengers in the car were drinking beer.
2. The driver ___d from the police in his fast car. They did not catch him.
6. Drivers must obey the ___ limit. They must not ___.
7. A cat will ___ a mouse. The police will ___ a speeding driver.
9. The police cars ___d the speeding driver. It was an exciting ___.