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1. A ___ of cheese and a ___ of bread. ___ an apple with your knife.
5. Keep milk and eggs in the ___, not in the kitchen cabinets.
6. The soup is in a bowl. The sandwich is on a ___.
8. When the sandwich is cooked on one side, ___ it over.
9. A melted cheese sandwich tastes great when you're ___.
10. ___ the pan on the stove so the butter will melt.


2. Have you ever eaten a melted ___ sandwich?
3. ___, yellow, and white are three common colors of cheese.
4. A peanut butter and jelly ___ doesn't taste like a melted cheese ___.
6. Put the ___ on the stove and turn on the burner.
7. The heat of the pan will ___ the cheese and butter.
8. Use a ___ing pan to cook eggs, bacon, and melted cheese sandwiches.