Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type in your answer. Click on "Hint" to get the next letter(s) of the answer. Click on "Enter" to enter your answer into the grid. Click on "Check" to check your answer.

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1. Let's go out to eat at a nice ___.
3. Is your apartment on the first ___ or second ___?
5. The restaurant is full. There is no ___ to sit.
6. My glass is ___. Please fill it with water.
8. A. Is anyone sitting here? B. No, have a ___.
10. I'm in a hurry. I don't want to ___.


2. Airplanes land at an ___.
3. The restaurant was ___. There were no empty seats.
4. My bus is coming. I have to ___.
7. She got off the ___ after it landed at the airport.
8. Did you ___ in line for a long time?
9. Four people were sitting at the ___.