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3. These pants don't ___. They're too short and too tight.
4. You will ___ weight if you eat too much.
7. You will ___ weight if you eat less.
8. Too many quarter-___ers will put ___s on you.
10. Another name for your ___ is your belly.
11. ___ people can't run very fast or far, but skinny people can.
12. His fat ___ hangs over his belt.


1. Your fat will ___ if you eat less and exercise more. You won't see it anymore.
2. Running up and down a ___ or stairs is good exercise.
5. I can't zip up my ___ because I've gained weight.
6. Eat less to lose ___. You can lose one pound a week.
9. M&M's, Hershey Bar, Snickers, Baby Ruth = ___.