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4. It was unbelievable. Nobody could ___ it.
5. She was ___. The whole world knew about her.
7. Did she have just one ___? No, she had eight babies.
10. It was a world ___. Nobody had ever done that before.
11. She was very ___ to have 8 babies. She wasn't sad about it.
12. Did she ___ up all alone?


1. The doctor gave her ___ drugs to help her have 8 babies.
2. ___ could believe it. Everybody was surprised.
3. She told all the TV news ___s how happy she was.
6. Many people want to be with other people; they don't like to be ___.
8. You're ___ if you win the lottery.
9. Did she have 8 babies because the doctor gave her special ___s?