Click on a number in the grid. Read the clue. Type in your answer. Click on "Hint" to get the next letter(s) of the answer. Click on "Enter" to enter your answer into the grid. Click on "Check" to check your answer.

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1. Do you get a monthly ___ from the gas company?
3. She ___ed the envelope to seal it.
6. She put her check into the ___ and sealed it.
9. She wrote her return ___ on the envelope.
12. The gas ___ sends me a bill every month.


2. There are ___s on a check. You write on the ___s.
4. You can pay for something with cash or a ___.
5. An envelope has two addresses on it. One is the ___ address.
7. Weekends are weekly. Gas bills are ___.
8. Drop the letter into the ___. The mailman will pick it up.
10. The mailman will not deliver a letter without a ___.
11. Lick the flap of the envelope before you ___ it. Some flaps are self-sealing.