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3. Helium makes balloons ___ in the sky. A boat ___s on the water.
4. He opened the ___ of cereal.
5. Birds and planes ___ in the sky.
8. It's raining ___; come inside where it's dry.
10. An ___ might be inside a flying saucer.
11. ___ is a gas. It makes balloons float into the sky.
12. He tied the balloon down with spikes and ___s.


1. ___s are for parties. Also, people like to fill ___s with helium.
2. The spikes were in the ___. They helped to hold the balloon down.
6. A ___ is made of metal or plastic. It goes into the ground.
7. An alien might be inside a flying ___.
9. He ___d the balloon to the spikes with ropes.