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1. The dealer spins the ___ ball at the roulette table. It isn't a gold ball.
3. He flipped a ___. It was a quarter.
5. Did he ___ a coin to see which color he would pick?
6. The silver ball falls into red or black ___s on the roulette wheel.
8. He gave the dealer a $10 ___. The dealer thanked him.
10. The roulette ___ goes round and round.


1. Did the dealer ___ the wheel to make it go round?
2. People play the ___ wheel in the casino.
3. He bought one ___ for $100. He ate some potato ___s.
4. Las Vegas has many ___s for gambling.
7. There are many ___s who work in casinos. They work at card tables and roulette tables.
9. The dealer ___ed the silver ball. He didn't pull it.